2nd Nature Dental Laboratory has embraced and invested in digital technology since 2006, initially with Nobel Procera scanners and more recently with the 3Shape CAD/CAM system. 

We have witnessed not only the advancement of cutting-edge scanning and design software but also an ever-expanding catalogue of materials, from multi-layered Zircoinias, Lithium Di-Silicates, (Emax), laser sintered non-precious alloys and milled medical grade titanium. We can offer our clients the perfect restoration for the most discerning of patients. 

Aside from using the traditional analogue route, many clients are now seeking partner labs to accept Intra Oral scans. We accept Trios scans via 3Shape communicate, and Sirona Primescan, (exported as STL). Digital models are printed in-house using Form3 technology. As the landscape of intra-oral scanning is constantly changing and milling companies constantly update their products, please contact John to discuss your individual needs.